Winter Solstice – A 2013 Artistic Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here is an artistic update on the highlights of the past year.

From This Past Week:

  • My portfolio is featured on the newest issue of The New Yinzer – Came out today
  • As of Tuesday, I officially have full-time position at a dream job
  • My album cover for the “The Meets” It Happens Outside was chosen as one of the Best Album Covers of 2013 by A Closer Listen
  • I found out this week, that out of 87 applicants, I was 1 of 15 chosen for a Flight School Fellowship

This Past Year:

  • I participated in 2 Groove Aesthetic Shows at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre Alloy Studios. Videos can be found on my website.
  • Participated in 3 artists residencies – 2 at a public school in the classroom and 1 in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Travelled to New York City to attend the NURTUREArt Benefit where my painting hung at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery. I was 1 of 250 out of 600 selected for the benefit.
  • Rode my bike 350 miles to Washington D.C. A mental and physical feat I had hoped to accomplish since I first discovered the trail that connects Pittsburgh with D.C. over five years ago. I visited tiny towns along the way adding extra mileage to the experience.
  • Hosted and Curated 2 successful art shows as Magic Organs with my collaborative partner D.S. Kinsel in Garfield and the Southside.
  • Won First Place at the Mattress Factory’s Art Olympic Theatre


Next Year I’ve Got Planned:

  • Shooting a Kickstarter Video for Maggie Negrete to create an Adventuring Princesses book!
  • Watch out for Liminal Demonz on January 31st, I have got a lot of plans up my sleeve for this: Birthday Celebration / Art show.
  • Projecting an hour long video along with the performance of their new album, The Wild Life at Brillobox on February 15th.

Artistic Resolutions?

  • Upload my newest videos to Vimeo instead of YouTube, if I can:
  • Gain access to a nice camera (Canon 7D ?) so that I might:
  • Apply to a bigger grant than I ever have before, and:
  • Work on a large-scale project over an extended period of time. Therefore I will:
  • Write more blog posts about my art and important topics that I am passionate about

And here’s to a great year! Pittsburgh has been great to me and I am grateful for Pittsburgh.


Photo by Ohad Cadji. More photos can be found here


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