February 2013 Upcoming Shows + Updates

As of February, I joined Radiant Hall Studios in Lawrenceville. It is a well-maintained and up to code studio – which can be hard to find sometimes. I am happy to work in this great studio and to be surrounded by other talented and inspiring artists. It is organized by Ryan Lammie. I am still getting acquainted with the space, but have started a series of paintings from my trip to Ghana this summer. I plan to exhibit the Ghana paintings at a gallery within a year – so stay posted. I am also looking to take a break from collaborations and side projects once March begins. I’ve spent the past year (and before that) constantly working on new work for 1-day shows. I’ve gotten a lot of experience and exposure and had a lot of fun. I’ve spent the majority of my time on the computer making digital works. Now I am looking to take advantage of the new studio and work on this painting series for a few months.

Other plans include: Renewing my video work by learning 3D animation and additional skills I’ve been yearning for!

And now here are 3 upcoming shows this month that you should come to:



1. Lunar Gala 2013: VENIN @ Carnegie Mellon University on Sat. Feb. 16 2013

Each year CMU puts on a fashion show with original lines from both students and local boutiques. It is a widely-acclaimed and well-orchestrated event. Scott Andrew is organizing the visuals so he’s curated a team of video artists to submit work for around 3 fashion lines each. Although I never got involved as a student, I found myself making 3 videos for this year’s show. 

2. Art Olympic Theatre at the Mattress Factory on Saturday, Feb. 23 2013

I will be competing on a team with Julia Cahill and Anna Coufal against 2 other teams lead by Nina Barbuto and Christiane D. Leach. The event created by Tom Sarver returns for the first time since 2008. Each team gets to bring 1 suitcase to the event and nothing more. We have 2 hours to publicly compete and build!

3. Tonight a Clown will Travel Time at FE Gallery

Hosted by Miniature Curiosa, this performance is both an Orville Redenbacher Memorial Party and about a time-travelling clown. I will be hosting the show as Orville’s niece and displaying a memorial documentary, “Uncle Orville, I Remeber”. It opens on Thursday Feb. 28 at 8 PM. Friday shows at 8 PM and Saturday at 7 PM and 9 PM https://www.artful.ly/store/events/694

Thanks for staying in touch! See you there 🙂


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