Documentation from NYYE 2013 [NewYouYearsEve] w BRENMAR + MIKEQ + SHISA + HONCHO + LAZERCRUNK + VIA 6119: East Liberty

nyyetesttube4 nyyenyyetesttube3 nyyetesttube2

In addition to the event flyer, I posted some photos I found that other people took of my video installation at the New Years Event at 6119. It was such an amazing party. We were all thrilled with how it turned out. A bunch of cool PGH party groups came together, curated a strong music and art event, and had a ton of fun. Lauren G dj’d into the new year and killed it at the timer ticked. This was probably one of my favorite New Years ever. And one of the best parties. We even had palm trees and a huge weather balloon. I am very lucky to have the chance to be a part of such a great community. I projected these video test tubes above a sculpture by Audra which held the mochi and sushi prepared by Harrison, Dani, and I. I wish I had some better photos that gave more context. But these photos are neat little documents of the projection.

New You Years Resolution: Remember to document your work. Just because you made a sweet video and got it working right on two different projectors, does not mean the job is done 🙂nyyetube


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