Tomorrow “TERMS & CONDITIONS” BFA show at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon

Maquette 1

Maquette 2

Maquette 3

Tomorrow is the opening for Terms & Conditions ! The Carnegie Mellon BFA Senior Thesis show at the Miller Gallery. See the Facebook invite here: and be sure to come to our talks May 10, 2012. I’ve been working hard this past year on this thesis / capstone project. After receiving a Small Undergraduate Research Grant I set to create an audio-visual immersion through a video-installation. The photos above are a maquettes I created before cutting the larger design out of plexiglass and wood. Four hours ago I finished the installation of this piece, after a nonstop effort to get everything installed and running with the limited time we had for installation! and — I could not be happier!!! It is so beautiful to see something you care so much about and have worked so hard on, to be displayed in full form and better than you could have ever anticipated. I am very pleased with how it turned out and will post photo and video documentation of it soon. With the finalization of this piece, comes the end of my undergraduate career. I still have finals, presentations, and loads more to settle and complete, however I feel full and done. I’ve been waiting to finish education my entire life. I am eager to take all of the wonderful things I’ve learned and opportunities I’ve been afforded and bring them together in new ways post-school.

In addition to the show, I’ve been involved in lots of expos, presentations, panels, and shows. I haven’t had the chance to even post about them. Please follow my other blog where I will be posting with four other team members on a project that will collaborate with Ashesi University College in Ghana on two projects : water monitoring and management, and waste monitoring.

Lastly, I will be exhibiting a show June 1, 2012 at the My Idea of Fun artist collective in Johnstown, PA, and will display recent works, including a re-installation of the above.

Plans from here: Keep playing with light, reflection, symmetry, geometry, colors, movement, and sound. I hope to participate in this year’s Laboratory in June. This well depend on if I have enough time. Stay posted 😉


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