Pop Cabaret at the Andy Warhol Museum

Every Friday at the Andy Warhol Museum in the North Side, I take a “Pop Cabaret” course. It has transformed from a course, into a performance troupe. We put on performances for each other every week, and have put on one public show so far “I Put a Spell on You” . It was a full house, packed to the brim with people standing in the back to see. We got rave reviews and are the homepage to www.cmu.edu and the front page of Pillbox . Pretty freaking cool, on top of performing at the Andy Warhol Museum. It really is a cool place, devoted to escaping the typical museum space and entering a constantly breathing and happening art experience. You should go see it, if you haven’t already.

For the first photo, I performed a slowed down version of “Pump”. Thank you FM Belfast. oh Thanks for putting on an awesome show this summer too 😉

At our public performance, I performed as the three witches in two acts, Medusa’s Cooch & Filet of a Young Man’s Snake. Video coming soon. My other two witches are Cherie Ho (gracing us with her presence all the way from Hong Kong) and Chelsea Lupkin. See the pictures below: 

And last but not least was our grand finale. Our space junk line dance + soul line. We all created our own “space junk” after a great act by Ann Stone, Adelaide Agyemang, and Tim Sherman, that definitely strayed from our heteronormative culture. See pictures below for finale scenes: 


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