@Thefuhrl Presents a Bon Voyage Westward, Ho! Bash @Bookspace

Come see my installation/video at The Fuhrl’s Bon Voyage Westward, Ho! Bash next Saturday at Bookspace in Philly!  Support The Fuhrl before they journey to the sun and see some other amazing performers/artists:


1113 Frankford Av
Philadelphia, PA

As the lot of us are going to hop on a crazy red and silver bullet and ride it all the way across the country to start a West Coast Chapter of the Fuhrl, in order to fuhrther promote this concept of oneness that we have (hopefully) helped to instill in our beloved Philadelphia. So the idea is to throw a (certainly not final) banger to demonstrate just how well creative collaboration works in this town, and at the same time to pass the torch to all you cats who are stayin’ and keeping the love rollin’ [*crosses fingers*]). So bring back that fabulous energy, your favorite getups, and those groovy dancin’ bones that have made all the other showcases so beautiful!

And don’t worry we will return to you as soon as the sun comes back to bake our fine town out of wintery oblivion! Us fuhrlies require a minimum amount of Vitamin D in order to uphold our radness, in lieu we are traveling to where Vitamin D levels are high and we can maintain RADNESS.

If any of you awesomies want to really get involved with the East Coast Chapter, and keep throwing Philly’ creative folks into the big melting pot with events like these, find Peter Pan at the party! Give her your digits and await her call…we need all the enthusiasm we can get and there will be several roles needing filling, yep yep!

The list of performers goes as follows:

The Pat Friend Five(Music)
The Know(Music) (www.myspace.com/fishbreath​eeasy)
Souldiers of Soul(Music) (http://www.facebook.com/so​uldiersofsoul)
Magic Man(Music) (http://magicman.bandcamp.c​om/)

Brian Ecklund (photographer)

Caitlan Lattimer(Poetry)

Leanne Grieger(Dance)

Ghostfight(DJ) (http://soundcloud.com/ghos​tfight)

Julie Mallis(Visual Art/Video) (http://www.juliemallis.com​/)

More TBA!

Also the amazing Mary Wood will be performing aerial acrobatic’s throughout the night and there will be fire spinning as well!


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