The Beach in Nijmegen

pre-sunset at a beach in Nijmegen

Another great thing about the Netherlands is its proximity to water. Although this may become a great danger for the coming generation thanks to global warming, they are incredibly advanced in keeping it under wraps. From their water control systems to their beautiful landscaping, NL has got their game together. A 15 minute bike ride from our apt, and we arrive at the beach. It is beautiful, next to great fields, a farm, and some incredible animals. There is a nice old bridge going over the part we go to, and it reminds me of lovely Pittsburgh. The weather here has been pretty lousy. It was beautiful when I arrived, and apparently quite wonderful the past month. I had no idea it was suffering from lack of its usual rain, because like I said the landscaping is so impressive and well planned out everywhere that its easy to think the conditions here are perfect. The sun seems to be coming out more and warming the city back up, but it was miserably rainy and cloudy on top of cold weather. Just when I thought Pittsburgh was finally warming up, skipping spring and entering Summer, I left and came to the Netherlands where I am still wearing sweaters and long pants.

The most cars I've ever seen at one time in the Netherlands, and they're not even driving on the road.

On the beach, we were alarmed when a big and beautiful cow exited the fields and walked to the water for a quick dip. I never saw a cow in the water, let alone getting into it. The animals here are so free and healthy.

Sunset in Nijmegen

Cow at the beach 2

Cow at the beach


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