AerLingus & Nijmegen

My flight to Amsterdam from full of excitement and queasiness. I had never been on a transatlantic flight and was pleasantly surprised by the complimentary blanket and pillow (thank you AerLingus). I did not pre-order a vegetarische maaltijd, but luckily they had an extra one for me! It was quite nice indeed: roll + irish butter, tasty tofu casserole with rice and veggies, + cheese and crackers, tea and cheesecake. I watched a ton of music videos on the screen: Here’s the 2010 Version. Both rad

I also watched “No Strings Attached” with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. You’d think Nat Port would save the move from being as dumb as you thought, but no she did not. Just watch the first episode or season rather of Grey’s Anatomy instead.

I have always wanted to visit Ireland and seeing it from the sky just after sunrise was utterly beautiful: 

James got me from Amsterdam and he showed me around Nijmegen, where I took some photos I was astounded by the neatness, order, beauty, friendliness, happiness and sunlight that filled the air. Bikes rule the streets and people actually seem to enjoy themselves. Nice break from America.

This morning (3 AM pgh time) I went for a nice fast run through a sculpture garden. I’ll have to share some pics of the waterfalls it has later. ❤ love jmal


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