Banana Marathon

A week ago I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon as a banana. It was my slowest time yet (within 11 minutes of the last 2 though), but it was a lot of fun and not very hard. I remember seeing 2:00 on the clock and being surprised it had been so long… it felt like we had only just begun. By the time it was half-way over, I still didn’t feel any pain or tiredness and was ready to knock out th rest. I got kind of bored because I felt like I was going so slow (4:31), but it was invigorating to be in costume. Bands cheered for me over their microphones and fellow runners chatted with me. I hit all the little kid’s hands and downed 2 hash house harrier beers at the last few miles of liberty. It was a fun race. I think I am bored and have proved to myself that Yes, I can do anything. I think my next feat will be karate. Or an ultra-marathon, or to make it to boston or something. Who knows.

My picture was put in the Post-Gazette Photo of the Day section 

Running as a Banana in the 2011 Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon

and I was mentioned as a banana in this article:

Now I am gearing up for my trip to Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. Playing with my GigaPan. I will post links to photos of the new Manchester Community Art Garden that MGR Foundation is helping to create and photos from the Peaceful Gathering of Hands, the largest Pittsburgh peace gathering, in Schenley Park.

Lastly, like a true artist, I’ve been working non stop with Darrell @dskinsel to produce our zine Magic Organs Volume Skank Party. I will bring some with my across the world, and distribute throughout Pittsburgh and Philly. More on that soon


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