eco-spiritualist avant-garde & ecological feminism

In preparing my final video project, many child-appropriate fairytale stories had been recommended to me. Also in preparation, I have been reading various relevant material. In Avante-garde Performance, specifically, the experience of the self, as discussed in the chapter about Body Art, Ritualism and Neo-Shamanism mostly closely relates to my type of videos/genre. It explains many performers exploration and “study of ancient trance techniques, magic rites and healing ceremonies” (136). Apparently these performers were inspired by Claude Levi-Strauss, Mircea Eliade, Castaneda. I will add these to the list of resources to read and at least look into for their influence on artists who have influenced me in return and because of its content in areas closely related to my own interests. “Castaneda’s imaginative account of the teachings of a supposedly indigenous Mexican shaman”  should be very interesting, especially as I am currently writing a research paper in Spanish about shamans, indigenous people and natural medicines. The goal of many of these artists is described as, “they sought to re-establish contact with the sacred realm by means of new rituals suited to “the Age of Aquarius”. I guess that is legitimately something I find myself doing every single day of my life, so how appropriate. Although I am less interested in inventing new means, rather adopting traditional means to our modern age. Furthermore, I am a straight-up Aquarius, if you are into that sort of thing, as I am.

Some interesting terms that have come out of this reading include, ecological feminism “a reclaiming of the tradition of the female shaman, the revival of ancient goddess cults” (137). This revival of the ancient goddess has been a theme in my life since I was very little when my oldest sister first introduced to me about the way of the goddess and its loss in modern society.

Another good term, eco-spiritualist avant-garde… I would say that could define my last video “FLYTIE” in which this final project has formed from.

On that note. Celebrate the Earth!eco-shamanism avante-garde





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