Avant-Garde Performance

GUNTER BERGHAUSIn response to Gunter Berghaus, it is interesting to note the development of urban life and the city as it was concurrent with immigration. This relationship we see is similar to a more recent phenomenon erupting in the early 90s of internet growth rising at the same rate as international adoption -further leading to urban development (think about the melting pot of NYC). It is interesting to note the ways our populations have grown alongside and aided by technology, and how this revolution has feeded itself again and again. As population grows, technology becomes more present and necessary. As technology increases, population survives longer (although sometimes with more risks involved).

These booms of population and technology, especially that of London explain the humongous change in modern society to that of a “restless lifestyle”. Thus began the creation of the “NEW CONSUMER PALACES” the “ARCADES” aka THE MALL, shopping, & consumerism. This here is the birth of pretty much what I hate about modern society (for the most part), a consumerism that has been created in such a developed society to then lead to all kinds of damage in other ways of life. It has created obsession with material even greater than the pharaohs of Egypt. I make this heavy statement because modern society has the means to make things appear easy, fast & cheap. Instant satisfaction, gratification and most of all, INSTANT ALCHEMY. What could be better? There are no rituals other than the swipe of a credit card. There is no prayer or meditation other than, “I hope no one else wears this dress to the party”. This blatant consumer tangent helps to explain why I make art. I make art because it not instant, easy or cheap. I make art because it is an alchemy that requires love, attention, detail, commitment, passion and lots of meditation.  As my explanation does nothing to discuss to the bricks upon which the avant-garde was built upon past its consumerist roots, I do shed light on to my own avant-garde: my avantly guarded soul from the chains of the consumer palace.



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