What the Frack?

The group just finished performing our last stint for our What the Frack video.

Brittany was kind enough to post two snippets of our work on youtube. We were experimenting with some possibilities before planning our last shoot.

Part 1: becoming one with the mud, the water that soaks into our every veins, our earth

Part 2: enter a cornfield. abrupt interruption by gas drilling pipes. Marcellus Shale Gas drilling where it doesn’t belong. Abrupt & disturbed… what the frack?

Today was a great day for filming. In my perception class we learn about distance cues and depth perception and basically all about how and why we see what we do. From the retina to the fovea, to perceptual illusions. One of the really cool things we got to learn about which has a direct connection to the video class is ways of faking depth of field. We watched a special Lord of the Rings video about faking the smallness of Elijah Woods especially when next to Gandalf. Some of those techniques like removing the distance cue of Motion Parallax help to create these illusory worlds. When filming today, I was able to make the size of a leaf almost half the size of Tara’s body and it set her up to look incredibly small in a small world like a real marionette puppet on stage. Which is basically what we were shooting today. I am really excited to go through the rest of the footage and start editing it all together. Also pretty cool that I can apply cognitive science to our video class. what upppp smart people.


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