“Throw an idea, not a potato, you idiot!” Carra (p 37 Avante-Garde Performance)

Working on my flying/ritualistic video. Continuing my obsession with flying. Very influenced by a lot of people we watched in class. From last week’s My Barbarian to Mellies and Ernie Kovacs, also Shana Molton and that first video we watched with the lady with the bouncy hair and the game of chess… Playing with different characters and mixing of ritual with perseverance. I will post the finished video tomorrow or Tuesday. The past two weeks have been incredibly frustrating technology-wise as my computer crashed and died and after almost 2 weeks sans computer (which feels like suicide when you attend the tech-savvy CMU) I took my humongously heavy computer on a freaking BUS 6 hours to Philadelphia to get it fixed by the man who built it. Well, one month of rent payment and entire weekend spent on running errands out and about, I come back to Pittsburgh thrilled and happy that all is better and working… until dun nuh nuh… the technology demons eat my computer and the virus comes back. At this point I want to take a jack hammer to its face. It is just another sign that I should quit while I am ahead and join the circus like I have always wanted to. But seriously, I was such a -as you call it- “ludite” when I arrived at CMU. Then my rejection of technology rejected me back as I had to catch up to everyone else in my class and I started to appreciate and love what it had to offer. I love making videos and editing them, but how do you avoid computer problems that get in your way of having time to work on the things you would rather spend your time doing? I dont know I am just rambling. It is late.Archway Open



2 thoughts on ““Throw an idea, not a potato, you idiot!” Carra (p 37 Avante-Garde Performance)

  1. Oh I can completely sympathize with your technology problems. Though i did not deal with viruses on my computer, there were some computer issues for me too. Its frustrating cause we had such a great time shooting video. BUT we are def gonna figure out how to conquer the “techy” part of video performance and we’ll be pretty darn happy about it soon! I’m excited to see you flying!

    • Current Status = I thought I followed all of the directions/notes I took in class but found out too late that I did not compress like I should have at first and when I tried to go and do this it did not work. I am afraid my video might be more jumpier than I intended 😉 Pun intended.
      anyway can’t wait to see your vid Jul, thanks for the comment.

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