MGR Foundation Youth Peace Rally 2010

Downtown Market Square, August 12, 2010

Youth Peace Rally

You may have seen these posters all over town. I decided I would put it on my blog since I created them and because I want to advertise for it since it is AWESOME. Basically MGR is wonderful foundation that does really cool things with youth in the community. One of those really cool things is the annual peace rally downtown. This year’s rally is going to be this Thursday 8/12/2010 12:30-2:30 PM (yes, during the farmer’s market). You all should come out and see what these kids have to say. They are Pittsburgh Public School’s Middle Schoolers from the Summer Dreamer’s Academy all over the city. They will be dancing, performing, and giving speeches. You will get to hear their original hip-hop recordings and see their community activist artwork on display. We spent the past 5 weeks working with out students to creatively express the way we feel about our communities and how we can be a part of positive change. Before these 5 weeks, I have spent the rest of the summer helping with a lot of the logistics of the rally and I am very excited for it all to come to fruition. so SEE YOU ALL THERE

p.s. While I am on the topic, if my job wasn’t cool enough… we are biking with a group of 22 students along the Great Allegheny Passage this weekend and camping. If life wasn’t already awesome, it would be even better! (yes! It IS possible to love what you do and even earn money for it… think about it)


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