Clouds over Powerlines

What exactly is going on in this picture? It seems confusing, but there are clouds thrown over the powerlines and there are shoes floating in the sky. Why? I have been working on a cloud sculpture. I realize I have worked with shoes a lot in my work, and for this piece I was thinking about when people throw shoes over powerlines. Shoes become worn down with experience and all of the memories it holds with every scratch and piece of dirt. In the way you might look up at the clouds and interpret the images you see in them, or the way you think reflectively when looking at the sky, I wanted to compare with the reflection of your past held in the memory of your shoes. That all being said, I laser-cut clouds to back the sculpture as the “soles” of the clouds. I then tore apart old and beaten shoes and repurposed them by putting them back together in the shape of a cloud, stuffed with recycled stuffing. The “clouds” are made of recycled shoes  and stuffing and have the backdrop as the lasercut cloud soles. They are hung by the shoelaces from the original shoes. The cloud shoes are to be thrown over powerlines, and not to indicate drug activity, but instead to highlight memory and reflecting on your past experiences in order to move on and learn for the future. As a cleansing act on my own part, I made use of and got rid of old shoes for this project. I am ready for the year to end and to move on to the next step 😉

(stay tuned to my website for documentation of the actual installation, which looks nothing like this photo…)


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