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National Volunteer Week, Part 2: MGR Youth Empowerment

The Mentoring Partnership

MGR 1 Alan (on the left) and our youth from Schiller pose in front of the travelling rubber duck along the river trail!

MGR Youth Empowerment is a national non-profit which focuses on three program areas: Active Health, Arts in Action, and Environmental Justice. Arts in Action empowers youth to speak up about their communities and issues that matter to them using creative arts of all genres. Environmental Justice discusses issues that directly affect the youth in our program including Food Justice and food access in their own communities. Lastly, our Active Health initiative Positive Spin Youth Cycling empowers youth to bike as a viable form of transportation and to gain the mechanics skills to fix their own bikes as a way to further their independence and self-sufficiency.

While biking on the North Shore trail, students use Positive Spin bikes to ride along the river with their mentors each week…

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Winter Solstice – A 2013 Artistic Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here is an artistic update on the highlights of the past year.

From This Past Week:

  • My portfolio is featured on the newest issue of The New Yinzer – Came out today
  • As of Tuesday, I officially have full-time position at a dream job
  • My album cover for the “The Meets” It Happens Outside was chosen as one of the Best Album Covers of 2013 by A Closer Listen
  • I found out this week, that out of 87 applicants, I was 1 of 15 chosen for a Flight School Fellowship

This Past Year:

  • I participated in 2 Groove Aesthetic Shows at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre Alloy Studios. Videos can be found on my website.
  • Participated in 3 artists residencies – 2 at a public school in the classroom and 1 in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Travelled to New York City to attend the NURTUREArt Benefit where my painting hung at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery. I was 1 of 250 out of 600 selected for the benefit.
  • Rode my bike 350 miles to Washington D.C. A mental and physical feat I had hoped to accomplish since I first discovered the trail that connects Pittsburgh with D.C. over five years ago. I visited tiny towns along the way adding extra mileage to the experience.
  • Hosted and Curated 2 successful art shows as Magic Organs with my collaborative partner D.S. Kinsel in Garfield and the Southside.
  • Won First Place at the Mattress Factory’s Art Olympic Theatre


Next Year I’ve Got Planned:

  • Shooting a Kickstarter Video for Maggie Negrete to create an Adventuring Princesses book!
  • Watch out for Liminal Demonz on January 31st, I have got a lot of plans up my sleeve for this: Birthday Celebration / Art show.
  • Projecting an hour long video along with the performance of their new album, The Wild Life at Brillobox on February 15th.

Artistic Resolutions?

  • Upload my newest videos to Vimeo instead of YouTube, if I can:
  • Gain access to a nice camera (Canon 7D ?) so that I might:
  • Apply to a bigger grant than I ever have before, and:
  • Work on a large-scale project over an extended period of time. Therefore I will:
  • Write more blog posts about my art and important topics that I am passionate about

And here’s to a great year! Pittsburgh has been great to me and I am grateful for Pittsburgh.


Photo by Ohad Cadji. More photos can be found here

February 2013 Upcoming Shows + Updates

As of February, I joined Radiant Hall Studios in Lawrenceville. It is a well-maintained and up to code studio – which can be hard to find sometimes. I am happy to work in this great studio and to be surrounded by other talented and inspiring artists. It is organized by Ryan Lammie. I am still getting acquainted with the space, but have started a series of paintings from my trip to Ghana this summer. I plan to exhibit the Ghana paintings at a gallery within a year – so stay posted. I am also looking to take a break from collaborations and side projects once March begins. I’ve spent the past year (and before that) constantly working on new work for 1-day shows. I’ve gotten a lot of experience and exposure and had a lot of fun. I’ve spent the majority of my time on the computer making digital works. Now I am looking to take advantage of the new studio and work on this painting series for a few months.

Other plans include: Renewing my video work by learning 3D animation and additional skills I’ve been yearning for!

And now here are 3 upcoming shows this month that you should come to:



1. Lunar Gala 2013: VENIN @ Carnegie Mellon University on Sat. Feb. 16 2013

Each year CMU puts on a fashion show with original lines from both students and local boutiques. It is a widely-acclaimed and well-orchestrated event. Scott Andrew is organizing the visuals so he’s curated a team of video artists to submit work for around 3 fashion lines each. Although I never got involved as a student, I found myself making 3 videos for this year’s show. 

2. Art Olympic Theatre at the Mattress Factory on Saturday, Feb. 23 2013

I will be competing on a team with Julia Cahill and Anna Coufal against 2 other teams lead by Nina Barbuto and Christiane D. Leach. The event created by Tom Sarver returns for the first time since 2008. Each team gets to bring 1 suitcase to the event and nothing more. We have 2 hours to publicly compete and build!

3. Tonight a Clown will Travel Time at FE Gallery

Hosted by Miniature Curiosa, this performance is both an Orville Redenbacher Memorial Party and about a time-travelling clown. I will be hosting the show as Orville’s niece and displaying a memorial documentary, “Uncle Orville, I Remeber”. It opens on Thursday Feb. 28 at 8 PM. Friday shows at 8 PM and Saturday at 7 PM and 9 PM

Thanks for staying in touch! See you there 🙂

Documentation from NYYE 2013 [NewYouYearsEve] w BRENMAR + MIKEQ + SHISA + HONCHO + LAZERCRUNK + VIA 6119: East Liberty

nyyetesttube4 nyyenyyetesttube3 nyyetesttube2

In addition to the event flyer, I posted some photos I found that other people took of my video installation at the New Years Event at 6119. It was such an amazing party. We were all thrilled with how it turned out. A bunch of cool PGH party groups came together, curated a strong music and art event, and had a ton of fun. Lauren G dj’d into the new year and killed it at the timer ticked. This was probably one of my favorite New Years ever. And one of the best parties. We even had palm trees and a huge weather balloon. I am very lucky to have the chance to be a part of such a great community. I projected these video test tubes above a sculpture by Audra which held the mochi and sushi prepared by Harrison, Dani, and I. I wish I had some better photos that gave more context. But these photos are neat little documents of the projection.

New You Years Resolution: Remember to document your work. Just because you made a sweet video and got it working right on two different projectors, does not mean the job is done 🙂nyyetube

Trapadelic Derpstep 2012: BrokeWhoreRecords

Check it out:

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I had to opportunity to make the art for this sweet albumImage

Art in the Winter-Time

I have some new digital works, that will be available for sale soon. Here is one wintry piece:

Digital Print by Julie Mallis

Digital Print by Julie Mallis

Last week I participated in End of the World Party Just In Case at the Underground Arts in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but I heard that over 115 guests came and partied all night. This video played on loop all night. 

And without further ado, I present to you NYYE 2013 [NewYouYearsEve] w BRENMAR + MIKEQ + SHISA + HONCHO + LAZERCRUNK + VIA